Insider Secrets with Susan Ciminelli: Skin Expert to the Stars

Jennifer Lopez. Naomi Campbell. Kristen Bell. Cindy Crawford. Mariska Hargitay. Shakira. Tina Fey.

What do all these beautiful people have in common? No guesses? It’s ok, I’ll tell you: Their faces have all been graced by the genius hands of Susan Ciminelli. Ciminelli is a holistic health, wellness, and beauty guru who’s been in the business for nearly 35 years working with all those celebs and so many more. She believes that natural beauty truly does come from within and that to achieve perfect skin you have to take care of yourself from the inside out. If you get the chance to visit her NYC spa, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, lucky for you, I got the chance to sit down with the expert herself to get YOU all the insider secrets on getting gorgeous, glowing skin.

  1. NF: Susan, thank you so much for speaking with me today. I am so excited to ask you about your career, how you got started, and that impressive client list. Of course you are a household name now, having graced many a celebrity’s skin, but first and foremost, how did you begin your journey as a skin care specialist? How did you know this was the path for you?SC: I knew at an early age I had an interest in health and beauty. I was a vain tomboy growing up. I also was blessed with health issues due to living in a very stressful environment and that contributed to my interest in Eastern philosophy and healing.  Instinctively I would give myself treatment such as reflexology and shiatsu, as well as meditating as a young girl, and it immediately made me feel and look so much better. By the time I was 13 I could just look at someone’s face and be able to tell what was going on with them. Not knowing I was really on to something new in America I just continued on my personal journey to make myself look and feel better. People were attracted to my complexion all the time and asked me for advice. As I got older it was only natural that I turned my passion into a business.  I absolutely love helping people learn what is at the root of their skin issues. It is typically diet and lifestyle related. I love to teach and bring peace and comfort to people.
  2. NF: Obviously you have an incredibly impressive celebrity client list and that says a lot about your talent and work. I wanted to ask, how has it been working with so many A-listers? When you first began, did you ever think you would come this far?SC:  I started working on celebs in my mid 20’s and it always felt natural to work with them. Their skin and wellness is so very important for their careers and my work is perfect for them because it encompasses energy work as well as traditional European/Asian style skin care treatments. I don’t follow the trends because they typically destroy the skin and are nothing but expensive gimmicks that never help the complexion. With my products, a steamer, lamp, and my two hands I can transform someone’s skin within their first facial experience.
  3. NF: You are well-known for helping us achieve that famous “Ciminelli Glow” and I would love it if you could provide my readers on your top tips on getting gorgeous, healthy, glowy skin.SC: ​Cleansing ​your skin with gentle but powerful cleansers no less than twice a day is key. I always wash rinse and repeat, just like when you shampoo your hair and wash your wigs. Wash with warm water and rinse with cool water. Prep your skin with natural essential oils, natural serums, and seawater before applying your natural moisturizer twice a day. Drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound that you weigh every single day. Eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Eat colorfully and seasonally as much as you can. Limit wine and alcohol. Try not to eat after 8 at night. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Use ear plugs and eye masks to help get you into a deeper sleep state. It makes you look so much younger and refreshed when you wake up. Scrape your tongue and do all of your oral hygiene before you eat or drink anything first thing in the morning. Then drink at least 6 ounces of warm water with fresh lemon juice added to it before you eat your breakfast. Floss every day at least twice a day. This helps keep your immune system in peak performance because you have less bacteria entering into your system through your mouth every day. Meditation is key to happiness, health, and beauty. And also to finding love. When you meditate on a regular basis you emit an energy that is very attractive and powerful. The world is your oyster and it puts you in the driver’s seat giving you a heightened sense of awareness and higher consciousness that will help you glow from the inside out. Meditation gives you true and lasting beauty.
  4. NF: With your practice being so successful, I’m sure it was a natural extension to create your very own skin care line. It has been a hit, with many people loving the products including myself. What can you tell us about your skin care line? What makes it different than other brands out there?SC: As soon as I created my own company in 1983 I created my skin care line. I had no choice. I did not want to use the products that were so popular at the time. My skin is ultra-sensitive and I am the animal every product of mine is tested on. I use the very best ingredients from around the world to create the finest cleansers, essential oils, moisturizers and masks. They are filled with seaweed, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and trace elements that give instant results.  I am a nightmare for labs to work with because I am so fussy about my products. They are my babies! When I follow my instincts, I usually have a big hit with each product. I absolutely love creating products as well as performing services for clients. It never gets old for me.
  5. NF: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today Susan, I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful day and I hope to visit your spa super soon!SC:  Thank you so much. It is an honor. I look forward to giving you some tender loving care when you have the time.

My favorites from Susan’s line?:

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