Soulex Float Spa: D.C.’s First Flotation and Isolation Chamber Center

Flotation therapy. Have you ever heard of it? Because before D.C.’s first flotation therapy spa, Soulex, I had never heard of the innovative concept. So what is it exactly? It’s a form of therapy in which you step into a unique pod shaped sensory-free pool heated to body temperature and filled with 1000 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. This allows the body to weightlessly float, allowing one to completely cut off all sense of the body and relax on an entirely different level.

As someone who suffers with anxiety, I was 110% intrigued because personally, yoga never interested me and meditation just didn’t work. I have a difficult time making the effort to relax which is probably why the two aforementioned never worked for my lifestyle. Because I knew flotation therapy meant I simply had to show up and be in a pod for an hour, I figured it would be the most perfect and easy way for me to relax completely free of distractions.

FUN FACT: 1 hour of floating = 8 hours of sleep or 4 hours of meditation

The Facility: Once you enter Soulex, you are instantly soothed by the ambient music, simple decor, and tranquil atmosphere. Without being over the top and overdone, the Soulex environment manages to relax its guests with its meticulous attention to detail and simplicity. In total, the spa has 4 “float” rooms which are all equipped with showers (including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash) and sound proof technology. After your float, the spa offers a sort-of “chillax” room (filled with water, tea, and a comfy sofa) where you can take a moment to relax and recharge before you head back out into the real world. Whether it’s the space or the client experience, Soulex truly leaves no corner untouched.

The Verdict: I am in LOVE. Pedramin, the owner and founder of Soulex let me know that the first float isn’t always revolutionary for everyone and instead, it takes a few sessions to receive the most benefits. For me, after just one float I felt a deep relaxation I’d never felt before. I didn’t know what to expect going in, but I left pleasantly surprised. Due to the sensory deprived nature of floating, the pod was completely dark (and I mean pitch black! I couldn’t see anything no matter how hard I tried.) I was also provided with wax ear plugs to ensure no sound would enter my ears, and as promised, it didn’t. When my hour session came to an end (I was notified by the pod’s lights gently turning on) all I could think about was how I didn’t want it to end! There truly is something special about having all your senses shut off and being thrown head first into a deep state of relaxation, something I desperately needed! Needless to say, I’m obsessed and will be back.

To learn more about Pedramin and the story behind Soulex, check out my interview with her below or visit

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