Best in Beauty: NYC May 2017

Mid-way through May, I took a trip to the Big Apple in search of all the best beauty destinations. From a dermatologist’s office to a meditation-inspired nail salon, I got the opportunity to visit it all and report back to you about all the cool, trendy, fun beauty spots you need to visit on your next trip to NYC. Curious? Follow me!

Dr. Gary & Kristina Goldenberg

Husband and wife duo team up at their very own fancy Manhattan office to bring personalized, client-centric service to every patient that walks through their doors. Because I have mild hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone (on my forehead, mouth, and chin area), Dr. G. Goldenberg recommended the Cutera Excel V laser, which he calls “the lunchtime laser” because not only is it virtually painless, but you can literally get it on your lunch break and go back to work with zero redness! Check out the video below to see me getting the treatment!

What’d it feel like?:

A warm, yet totally comfortable sensation on my skin. Afterwards, I was glowing and even skipped foundation the next day! Dr. G. Goldenberg recommends several treatments for the best results, so I’ll definitely be back!

Click here to learn more about their services and book and appointment!

Botanical Bounty

Father and son duo team up here at this unique herbal shop in Manhattan. At one office is father, Dr. Patrick Fratellone’s cardiology practice where he takes a holistic approach to his patients’ well-being by encouraging herbal remedies to everyday ailments. Cue in son and scientist, Gregory Fratellone who runs Botanical Bounty on the same floor, just a few doors over. The duo help educate patients from all walks of life on the benefits of all-natural botanical medicine. Their top selling teas come in various flavors like Lovely to aid heart health or Twiggy to shed a few extra pounds. I tried them all, and they were incredible. Coming soon: Botanical Bounty deodorant and tinctures!

Click here to learn more and visit the shop!

L’Appartement Hair Boudoir

Hair Transplant Vs Hair Replacement
Simply put: L’Appartement is a salon incomparable to the rest. From the decor to the art and even the atmosphere, the 5th Ave salon effortlessly captures the concept of Parisian chic. The owner is French native, Tiffany Kaljic, a fearless entrepreneur incorporating French style into her space and artistry. Lead stylist, Tina Malhotra gives us her tips and tricks to sexy beachy waves. Check it out below!

perruque lace front

Click here for more info on L’Appartement and how to book an appointment! BONUS: Tina Malhotra will be at Blu Salon in Kuwait Oct. 2-4, so for all my ladies reading who live nearby and can’t make it to NYC, here’s your chance!

Sundays Studio

When I say you’ve never experienced anything like this, trust me, you haven’t. Mindfulness meets manis at this one-of-a-kind Manhattan nail salon. A seasoned nail salon owner, Amy Lin knew something had to change in the industry. Nail polish ingredients were harmful, toxic, and the environment was nowhere near relaxing. In comes, sundays studio. From having their own line of vegan non-toxic nail polishes to relaxing shoulder massages while your nails are drying, sundays is certainly different from the rest.

The space also features strong ventilation systems which mean absolutely no chemical smell in the air (that’s a first!) I also appreciated the little, yet important touches such as having a ring holder for clients getting a manicure and especially, the use of all disposable materials for both manis and pedis. Clients have the choice of listening to guided meditation during their services or just basking in the serene environment, like I did. sundays hopes to build an integrative community in which people come, stay, and relax in a judgment-free, ultra-relaxing zone. Needless to say, the experience was unparalleled.

Click here to learn more about sundays studio and their mission!

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