Habits For Success, According to 10 Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

Ready to get seriously inspired? Then check out what these 10 powerful women entrepreneurs say are absolutely essential habits to build for success.

Bryce Gruber, Editor of The Luxury Spot

“Even if you work from home, which I do, it’s best to set real parameters for work. It took me years to learn to be structured enough, but now it’s a dream and I can finally get things done. Even if you can’t work 9-5 from home, make sure you do small things like getting dressed in real clothes instead of the typical work-from-home uniform of sweatpants and tees, and commit to a minimum number of hours of work per day. Even if you choose to take care of errands and your gym life in the morning, you can make up the couple hours later at night — and it’s important.

There’s really no such thing as competition. You know the old saying, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” and that goes for just about everything. With billions of people on this Earth, there’s enough money, readers, buyers, etc. to go around, so rather than hating your competition, befriend them. Life is happier that way, and you might even learn a thing or two.”

Carolyn Aronson, Founder & CEO of it’s a 10 Haircare

“Be willing to go where no one else in your category goes. Don’t accept anything as “just the way it is” – Be relentless and be willing to be the first.

Climb to the top of the mountain daily. People see successful entrepreneurs and say, “I want to do that.” What most people don’t realize is that it’s not something you do, it’s something you are, every single day. The challenges and the ups and downs never go away and truthfully, the more successful you become, the more challenges you face. There are only a fraction of people willing to do what it takes to be a truly successful entrepreneur. You can never turn it off or check it off your list.”

Jane Iredale, President and Founder of Iredale Cosmetics Inc.

“Do a lot of homework and identify where your products can fill a specific need. Make a list of what’s essential for you to start and set goals for your growth. Then use your contacts in your business or related businesses to get as much input as you can. When you start you will have to put in a lot of hours. The phrase “build it and they will come” isn’t true. They will only come if you can offer them something they don’t already have, and you put a lot of work into letting them know you have it. For me, it was a good three years before I felt that I was on a roll. When I started there was no social media. If there had been, I would have used that as much as possible because it’s a very good way of getting attention.  But it has to be done cleverly and often.”

Brianne West, Founder & CEO of Ethique

“Advice I like to give other CEOs or founders to help their employees to thrive is to not assume your life experience and reactions to them are the same as theirs and treat them like family. When you get the right people alongside you, it’s fantastic; going to work and tackling challenges becomes a joy and anything is possible. We have an amazing team, whom we look after paying a living wage, free breakfasts and lunches, generous contractual terms and an amazing culture in a company with real purpose! The more we support our team, the more passionate they are about what they do, so the more we support them – it’s a great circle to get into!

Money is finite. I have so many ideas (most are probably rubbish, some might be worth looking into and the odd one might be feasible) and the fact that we can’t always explore each one frustrates me a lot internally. Patience and practicality are very important and something a CEO needs to definitely have to troubleshoot this.”

Alexa Carlin, Public Speaker and Founder of Women Empower X

“Two successful habits i’ve developed over the years that have been essential to my success as an entrepreneur are writing down my weekly to-do list every Sunday evening and taking time to strengthen my mindset every single day. Forming the habit to write down what you want/need to accomplish each week is super helpful to stay on track. You want to be on the offense side, not the defense side of your business. Meaning, if you don’t schedule out your week then you’ll just be responding to emails, phone calls, social media, etc. and you won’t have time to move the needle forward on new projects or deals. The second habit is taking time every single day to strengthen my mindset muscle, which includes visioning my future, feeling out my dreams, and shifting to focus off the past and on to the things I do have control over. Spending time to get your mindset right is the most important and essential habit I have developed that has led me to where I am today.”

Ashley Rebecca, Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert

“I genuinely believe that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, one of the most valuable things you can do is to find out what kind of self-care works for you, and invest in that self-care on a daily basis. Everyone’s interpretation of self-care is different, and it doesn’t need to be costly or extravagant. For instance, I take a bubble bath nearly every morning  and give myself 20-25 minutes to sit and think about what my day is going to look like and how it’s going to unfold. I wake early in the morning just to have time for it, because I know that if I get that small window of time to invest in myself, I will be a much kinder, gracious, and enjoyable person to be around.”

The second habit I feel is essential for entrepreneurial success is to know your boundaries and stick to them. There is that famous quote that says “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”, and while I can see the point, the truth is when you’re an entrepreneur you will love what you do but you will work an incessant amount and it will hurt. You’ll get dirty and you will bleed. It’s essential to know your boundaries with people and working environments. It’s okay to step back and look at a situation and say “This pushes my limitations too far, and while I’m honored they want me to be here, my boundaries are my priority.” The more you make decisions based on this logic, the more you’ll attract the kind of work that fulfills you, and build favor with clients.”

Aly Walansky, Freelance Travel & Lifestyle Journalist

“I think the most important part of working for yourself is to respect your work and your time as much as you would if you worked for someone else in an office. Don’t think because you control your schedule you should go to yoga at 11 am, or get a blowout at 2 in the afternoon. Sit at your desk all day every day and respect your work and others will too.”

Niki Srinivasa, Fashion Designer

“Don’t underestimate how important your health and wellbeing are to your success; getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthier and being active not only help you feel great, but help you function at your best so you can accomplish all of your goals and have great life balance. 

Take time every day to recognize how far you’ve come, affirm your efforts, and remind yourself how much you believe in your goals and dreams. If you believe in yourself and your dreams, there’s no limit to how far you can go!”

Anchyi Wei, Fashion Influencer

“Be original and let your individuality show through. It’s so hard not to wonder if you should be doing this or that because someone else more successful is doing it – but you have to stick with what feels right to you. Everyone is an individual and that’s your greatest asset. Get inspirations from others doing great work, but put your own spin on it.”

Elexsis McCarthy, Founder of The Makeup Eraser

“Never accept the word no. Remember when we were kids and asked for any and everything? Well you won’t get what you don’t ask for. And when someone tells you no, rephrase and ask again.”

“Dedicate. I live my life dedicated to helping others succeed. My signature block, does not say Best Regard, it says “Dedicated to your success”. I live by this. Bring up others and you are surely to succeed.

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