Protein for your Hair? Yes, it Exists and Yes, you Need It

We all learned in school that protein is the building block of muscle. Without it, we’d be weak piles of mush with zero structure to our bodies (ew). It’s found in yogurt, eggs, cheese, milk, and beef and is pretty important to incorporate into your diet. But you already knew that, right? What you perhaps didn’t know is how important protein is for your hair. While all those foods may help out your muscles and even your hair, what you really should be doing is treating your beautiful (but perhaps dry and damaged) locks to a powerful, targeted topical treatment.

I found this one that’s left me in disbelief at how amazing my hair looks, after every use. It’s the Madam C.J. Walker Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment. Yes, THE Madam C.J. Walker who was a hair connoisseur and also first female millionaire (goals!)

What is it?: Pre-wash treatments and masks are not new, and I’ve put oil in my hair as a DIY deep conditioner pretty much all my life. What makes this different is its jam-packed with protein to nourish the hair from the inside out, make it strong, and bring it back to life. It’s also for all hair types, WIN!

What’s it made of?: The standout ingredient is obviously, protein. As mentioned earlier, protein is the building block of muscle. But it’s also the building blocks of your hair. Our hair is made up of protein filaments called keratin (also found in your nails!) and over time, wear and tear breaks it down leaving you dry, brittle, damaged locks. The best way to relieve your hair of this problem is to replenish it with what its made of in the first place — protein. That’s precisely why this product works so well. It also contains 3 other ingredients: fair trade organic shea butter to deeply moisturize the scalp and strands, coconut oil to soften and prevent split ends and breakage, and panthenol (a.k.a. provitamin B5) to lock in shine.
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The verdict?: It actually works. Personally, I have a normal scalp that gets a little oily when I’m stressed out, paired with very dry hair that has tons of split ends. Lucky for me, it also tends to get very knotty. After my very first use, I was in awe. My hair was smooth, silky, and manageable! No knots at all. After continued use, my hair system truly started to feel stronger while still feeling soft and looking super shiny. Thanks to this treatment, every day has become a good hair day.

Check it out now for $32 at or in stores and read more about the brand here.

FTC Disclaimer: This article contains a PR sample. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by any person or entity.

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