A Recap of FASHINNOVATION: NYFW’s Largest Fashion Tech Event

FASHINNOVATION, founded by husband and wife duo, Jordana and Marcelo Guimaraes, is an all-day conference during NYFW that sparks conversation and showcases panels on the topic of fashion at the intersection of technology.

On February 13th, their second event since inception, the innovative gathering brought together some of the biggest names in fashion and technology such as Google, Levi’s, J. Crew, FIT, Aquafil, and more. The event, hosted at the beautiful Tribeca Rooftop, welcomed important and meaningful panel conversations regarding the dangers of fast-fashion, environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility, design, manufacturing/production, e-commerce, female entrepreneurship, innovation, and the future of fashion and technology.

Founders, Jordana and Marcelo Guimaraes/Photo Credit: Clifford Toy & Chiney Lee

The first panel, “Disruptive Fashion & Advanced Technology: The Future of Fashion Tech Today” brought together Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering at Google and Paul Dillinger, VP and Head of Global Product Innovation at Levi’s, moderated by Michael Ferraro, Executive Director at FIT. The trio discussed the future of fashion and technology and how innovation in these industries will only further through close collaboration. The two powerhouse companies have already come together to produce the exciting Commuter X Jacquard “smart jacket” which has conductive Jacquard™ Thread woven in to allow the wearer to, with a tap or brush of the cuff, to control music, screen phone calls and even receive GPS directions. When speaking on the innovative product, Dillinger acknowledges its nod to their successful, classic jean jacket and adds how the company has experienced various brands knocking-off their designs for lower prices. His solution? “People will always undercut our products by price. All we can do is make a better product.”

Left to right: Ivan Poupyrev, Paul Dillinger, Michael Ferraro/Photo Credit:
Clifford Toy & Chiney Lee

The event also featured an elevator pitch competition, allowing budding entrepreneurs (Matias Gath, Co-Founder & CEO of eSTYLAR, Alek Safar, Founder of MirowTech, Romi Faylo, Founder of F.F.P. Textile Revolution, and Karina Mondini, Fashion Designer and Ambassador of Digifair 365) a chance to pitch their visions and business plans to the audience and receive feedback from David Meltzer, investor, renowned entrepreneur and public speaker, and host of “Elevator Pitch” on Entrepreneur.com

Left to right: David Meltzer, Karina Mondini, Matias Gath, Alek Safar, Romi Faylo/Photo Credit: Clifford Toy & Chiney Lee

Perhaps the most profound part of the day was a panel dedicated to “humanizing homelessness” led by FASHINNOVATION‘s very own, Jordana Guimaraes. As part of her organization, The NYLON Project, Guimaraes launched her self-published book, It Can Be You, and invited a diverse panel (Veronika Scott, Founder of The Empowerment Plan, Jason Naylor, Creative Director/Artist, DeeMo, Singer/Actor/Philanthropist, and Nadya Rousseau, Founder of Alter New Media) to share their experiences with homelessness and what they are doing to effect change towards the growing issue. Guimaraes’ book shares over 50 stories of homelessness from influencers who have overcome their struggles, as well as paired on the opposite page, a story of homelessness from an individual today. Through her book, she hopes to humanize homelessness and show people that it can, in fact, affect anyone due to even the most minute decision, mishap or circumstance in life. It Can Be You is available for purchase and will soon be available on tour across the U.S. in a city near you.

Left to right: Jason NAylor, DeeMo, Nadyya Rousseau, Veronika Scott, Jordana Guimaraes/Photo Credit: Clifford Toy & Chiney Lee

For more information on FASHINNOVATION and updates on their upcoming September 2019 event, click here.

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