What’s New at the Drugstore?: Wet ‘n Wild

It’s no secret that drugstore makeup brands have been stepping up their game, releasing high quality products that definitely rival any high end brand. Some of you may know that I work at Sephora and as a result, most of the makeup I have and use is high end. But here’s the thing about A Luxe Life — here, we focus on LUXURIOUS in terms of quality, not price tag. I have never been one to mind using low priced makeup as long as it works because I’ve noticed over time that price doesn’t always affect the quality. And since I haven’t bought or used drugstore makeup in a while, I thought I would check out the beauty aisle at my local drugstore to see what was up. Curious to see what I picked up and what I thought? Keep reading!

Wet ‘n Wild

Wet ‘n Wild had quite a few new products, some of which I was already hearing rave about so of course I had to pick a few items up!

  1. Photo Focus Foundation (~$5.99) & Flat Top Brush (~$2.99): First up, this new foundation and the brush I applied it with, also from Wet ‘n Wild. In the past, the foundation and concealer I tried from the brand wasn’t really been all that great, nor did they have a perfect shade for my skin tone. So of course when I saw buzz about their new foundation online AND saw they had a shade that might match me, I had to pick it up. I chose shade “Desert Beige” which is described on the bottle to be a medium-dark warm. I applied it with one of their new ergonomic brushes, the Flat Top Brush which is supposed to work with both liquid and powder products. While the handle’s shape and indentation for the thumb made it comfortable to use, the brush itself was not my favorite. The bristles were too flimsy and ended up just rubbing the foundation around my face, leaving a streaky finish. Back to the foundation — the next time I tried it, I used a Beauty Blender and it applied so much smoother. In my opinion, it is a light to medium coverage, but buildable. It’s marketed as being amazing for selfies, being tested under 7 lighting conditions and with the latest smartphone models. The Beauty Blender helped, and I do think it looks better without flash, unless it’s Snapchat’s flash or natural sunlight outdoors (which I don’t have pictured). Sometimes it looked good, and other times it didn’t, thus that inconsistency and lack of enough warmth in the foundation (I had to use quite a bit of bronzer and even then, in some photos I look a little ashy), is why I don’t love it. Just check out my photos below (first set applied with brush, second set with Beauty Blender). Is it the worst foundation ever? Not at all. Is it groundbreaking? No, and I probably wouldn’t repurchase it.
  2. Photo Focus Concealer (~$3.99): This is the concealer that came out with the new Photo Focus line, so naturally I picked it up when deciding to grab the foundation. I am picky about foundation, but I am really picky about concealer because I have super dark under-eye circles. Because of them, I need a really pigmented concealer that lasts long and won’t crease too much. I really didn’t expect much of this concealer, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s full coverage and blended well! I’m wearing it in the photos above and I think the application with the Beauty Blender worked better, as by the end of the day it wore better as opposed to using the Flat Top Brush. By the end of the day, it had minimal creasing which really impressed me. The shade range was great, as I was able to choose a warmer color, “Medium Tawny”, but for those who are similar to my skin tone, but prefer something peachier “Medium Peach” would be great. And for the most important question: Did it look good in different lighting conditions? The answer is yes, but applying it with a damp sponge and setting with a powder did also help. However, it never looked ashy with that specific application and I really do like it!
  3. MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick (~$4.99): Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now, but unfortunately, it’s not super easy for me to find a brand that is actually comfortable and WON’T dry out my lips (which is why I avoid them altogether!) But after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers, Tati Westbrook rave about them in one of her videos, I knew I had to try it out. And she was totally right. The formula is amazing! It applies perfectly with a slanted cushion-y doe foot applicator (which really hugs the lips!), feels comfortable, not drying at all, and lasts great throughout the day. There weren’t many shades to choose from when I was shopping, but I did pick up one that I LOVE called “Give Me Mocha”. They are such a good formula for such a low price making them a total steal.
  4. Lash Renegade Mascara (~$5.99): OH. MY. GOD. This has to be hands down, the BEST mascara I have ever tried! It’s very similar to Benefit’s They’re Real in terms of the wand, but dare I say, it’s even better! The formula is thin, but buildable which allows me to do my usual two coats, even three if I’m feeling really bad ass. In the first set of photos above, I wore one coat. Second set, I had two coats. It has a way of really lifting the lashes up and curling them, unlike any other mascara I have used before. It TRULY gives length, volume, and curl, as well as the ability to really define the ends of your lashes for that wispy look with the spiked ball at the top of the wand. I LOVE IT.
  5. Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner (~$2.99): While I don’t generally wear lip liner, I do enjoy gel formula lip liners. In fact, when I do wear one, I tend to wear the gel one from Sephora Collection which is really good. So I went in thinking this would be awesome and guess what? IT IS! The formula is wonderful, applies well without dragging my lips, and feels comfortable. What’s the bad? Well I chose the nude shade, “Bare to Comment”, but after using it, it’s not really nude at all. It’s actually a link pink shade, leaning peachy coral. I couldn’t tell from looking at the packaging alone, because it was inside of a box and I wouldn’t have been able to open it up and swatch it (obvious major downside to shopping for makeup at drugstores). That is however, the only thing that disappointed me, so I’m hoping the other shades are more true to the swatch and packaging displayed for them.

Here’s some other new items from Wet ‘n Wild that I did not pick up either because it didn’t appeal to me or because they didn’t have my shade.

FTC Disclaimer: All products were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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