Meet Demeter Fragrance: The Innovative Brand Behind Kitten Fur, Paperback, and Dirt Perfumes

What do kitten fur, a paperback, and dirt all have in common? Seemingly nothing except for the fact that they’ve all been turned into a wearable scent by out-of-the-box fragrance company, Demeter Fragrance Library. Inspired by the Greek goddess of agriculture, the brand initially started out as a way to capture the smells of nature, but quickly evolved into one that carries practically every scent you could ever imagine (no, seriously). So what’s so unique about Demeter, you ask? I mean, besides the wide array of unique scents?

1) Each scent is singular, meaning they express their nature immediately.

This means they’re perfect for layering and creating your very own custom fragrance. BONUS: This also means they make an incredible gift to the fragrance enthusiasts in your life as well as those who are totally obsessed with a specific scent, say oud or jasmine.

My favorites to mix together are pink grapefruit, mango, and lychee which transport me back to my childhood!

2) They’ve created an impressive 278 fragrances from their classic line alone!

There you’ll find the wackiest scents from clean windows, glue, and pizza, to delicious scents like cupcake, peach, and waffles, and even scents that would be an easy everyday wear like daisy, linen, and green tea. I’m not joking when I say the options are ENDLESS.


3) They offer more than just spray-on fragrance.

If perfume’s not your thing, you’re in luck: they also carry body lotion, shower gel, and atmosphere diffuser oil.


There’s literally something for EVERYONE and there’s no better time to try Demeter’s massive selection of fragrances than now with 25% off your first order when you use code CODE25 (valid until 1/2/18)

“…because when you smell something you love, you smile, and the world needs more smiles.”

– Mark D. Crames, CEO

For more from Demeter Fragrance, check out their website here.

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