Budget Beauty Brands that Actually Rock

I’ve always been one to say: once you find a good set of skin care, don’t go searching for cheaper alternatives. If it worked for your skin, keep it and continue to make the investment. For makeup however, I don’t feel the same way. When it comes to makeup brands, quality and price are no longer related. This means you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. I’ve rounded up the best budget beauty brands I’ve tried so far. Curious? Keep reading.


Two amazing brands both sold at one budget beauty mecca, Miss A. From pigmented single eyeshadows from a20 at only $2.50 a pop to literally every makeup item under the sun for $1 from AOA Studio, you cannot go wrong. The prices are unbelievable and the quality rivals brands with much higher price tags. WARNING: You may or may not end up with a super full shopping cart. But hey, at least the prices are nice right?

Price Range: $1-5

See what I mean by checking out the brands here!

Shopping around the aisles of Ulta, you may have found this little gem right here. You may have even noticed the brand is full of popular high end dupes, yet they’re at a fraction of the cost.  If you’re wondering if they’re worth it, the answer is yes, so much yes. Just check out the link below and you’ll be oo-ing and ah-ing over their marbled highlighters and myriad of eyeshadow palettes.

Price Range: $5-18

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When I first started to find my love for beauty writing and PR, I had the opportunity to work with the incredible brand, City Color Cosmetics. Sold exclusively online, the brand is committed to super high quality makeup at prices that everyone can afford. I was able to try a ton of their products and not one let me down, from the highlighter to eyeshadow, blush and liquid lipstick. If you haven’t heard of the brand, it’s okay, you can thank me later.

Price Range: $3-20

Check out all that City Color Cosmetics has to offer here!

The brand has long been known to be an affordable drugstore option, with some items being nice, but nothing mind-blowing. Yeah, things have changed. Wet ‘n Wild has seriously stepped up their game in the past few years and it’s become one of my favorite beauty brands. I wear their MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals (a perfect champagne color) and get asked every. single. time. what highlighter I’m wearing. Yes, it’s that good. They’ve even come out with an amazing camera ready foundation and a bomb liquid lipstick! (my favorite shade: Give Me Mocha). Keep your eyes peeled for new releases (I know I will!) because they’re sure to be a hit.

Price Range: $0.99-8

For more Wet ‘n Wild, click here!

One of the very first brands I’ve ever tried and still love to this day. Cutting down on the fancy packaging and focusing on key ingredients is how E.L.F. creates a quality product at a super low cost. My favorites?: Every studio brush. They are incredible quality, durable, and I love using them on myself as well as clients. Also, their lip exfoliator. I’m determined to get every flavor. BONUS: Along with all the coupons you can find on the internet, E.L.F. holds sales pretty often (currently, they have a 50% sitewide sale so RUN!), which means you can save even more. SCORE!

Price Range: $1-24

Check out all things E.L.F. here!

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