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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work together to make the world a better place? Well lucky for us, beauty brands are stepping up and making it easier than ever for us to all make a difference. Whether it’s for empowering women, saving adorable animals, or protecting our environment, I’m going to take you through 8 beauty brands truly changing the world and making an impact with their commitment to social causes.

BONUS: I got to speak with a few of the founders for exclusive quotes on why they do what they do!

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Up first, is Thrive Causemetics. They’ll give you a gorgeous glow with their multi-use Triple Threat Color Sticks and their Multi-Dimensional Glowing Blush, but don’t be fooled by the pretty colors and cute packaging, this brand serves a much greater purpose. Partnering with what they call their “Giving Partners” like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities, they give back to empower women “thriving” through cancer or domestic violence. So for every purchase you make, a product is donated to a woman in need. How incredible is that?

Note from founder, Karissa Bodnar: “My best friend Kristy passed away at the age of 24 from cancer, and it caused me to re-evaluate what I was doing in my life. I just wanted to make a difference in the world. With Thrive Causemetics, we’re changing the beauty industry for good. Our mission is to empower women through beauty to feel confident because when a woman is confident, she can do anything.”

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Shea Terra Organics is all about delivering powerful skin care with a cause. By sustainably harvesting ingredients directly from the source, they not only ensure quality, but also help support rural African communities in becoming economically independent. My favorite product? The Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash.

Note from the founder, Tammie Umbel: “The mission of Shea Terra Organics has always been to develop trade routes for women in remote villages to share their beauty traditions with others while preserving their wildlife habitats and improving their living conditions. Today, we work with many wildlife conservation groups and women’s cooperatives. In addition, we support Village of Hope, a Ugandan orphanage rebuilding the lives of children that were taken captive and forced to serve as child soldiers. Having no families to turn to, Village of Hope is instrumental in feeding and educating parentless children.

Watch out for their NEW Wild Beauty Collection coming this Spring 2017 featuring face oils, masks, cleansers, creams, and beauty waters each a part of their own wildlife conservation project!

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Arianna Skincare is a natural skin care brand that focuses on the healing benefits of the Dead Sea. Their products are completely free of parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES, synthetic alcohols, artificial dyes, and preservatives. The brand came about from founder Miri Torres’ struggle with Lymphoma cancer. After aggressive chemotherapy treatments, her body was covered in eczema and rashes. Soon after, she discovered the healing benefits of the Dead Sea and after making a full recovery, she launched Arianna Skincare (named after the doctor who helped her battle the cancer) to share her discovery with the world. My favorite product? The Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment in Citrus & Forest Fruits.

Note from the founder, Miri Torres: “I was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer stage 4B at the age of 17. After aggressive chemotherapy treatments, I experienced skin issues and the only relief I got was monthly trips to the Dead Sea where I noticed my skin improving and this is when I discovered the amazing benefits of Dead Sea minerals. My goal is to help others by using my experience, which has taught me so much about endurance, strength, and self-love, to help people feel beautiful both inside and out.”

To check out more from Arianna Skincare, click here!

Sundial Brands, parent company of notable brands like SheaMoisture, Madam C.J. Walker, and now Nyakio is committed to their purpose-driven model called Community Commerce. Through this, they use the power of commerce to support deserving communities with resources and opportunities to change their lives, resulting in stronger, more self-sustaining enterprises. Since 2014, Sundial’s Community Commerce Project has helped communities through premium wages, infrastructure investments leading to higher school attendance and health insurance, as well as providing fresh drinking water to those in need. Their newest addition, Nyakio, is a line of skin care grounded in ethically and sustainably sourced indigenous ingredients coming from all over the world like Kenya, China, India, and Morocco. By choosing to gather those ingredients straight from the source, Nyakio is not only helping preserve the cultural traditions of these communities, but also helping them become economically stable, all while bringing us amazing products. My favorite product? The Baobab Youth Infused Daily Defense Creme.

To check out more from Sundial Brands and Nyakio click here and here!

The powerhouse skin care brand recently launched their EyesUp campaign, starting a conversation around our overly-attached connection to our digital devices and instead encouraging us to disconnect and live in the real world. The “Cultural Stress” that comes from our addiction to our devices leads to lower self-esteem and the inability to disconnect, leaving our real-life connections neglected. Dr. Murad knows that our skin ultimately reflects our lifestyle and thus hopes to eliminate the negative effects of excessive device usage to improve our overall health, well-being, and ultimately, our skin. Taking part in the campaign is easy! Even little steps each day could lead to lasting changes in your life. To encourage you to get started, Murad created a 7-day challenge, that I’ve included. Along with this challenge, they want you to take the pledge to be EyesUp and commit your time to what’s truly important to you. My EyesUp pledge? To spend more time with my sisters, mom, and dad!

To check out more Murad’s campaign, click here!

Water is the foundation of life for all living things; without it, we can’t survive (but you knew that already.) What you may or not know of, is the water conservation promoting brand called Stop the Water While Using Me! With the simple message written across all their packaging, they spread the crucial message to save water while using their bath and body products. Water conservation is incredibly important to owner Kaya-Line Knust who initiated the Good Water Projects, donating a share of their revenue to provide fresh water to countries in need. From Tanzania to Kenya and now Madagascar with the WATER KIOSK projects, Stop the Water While Using Me! is able to help provide 5,000 liters of fresh, clean drinking water to Madagascans every day. Incredible.

To check out more from Stop the Water While Using Me! click here!

The simple and sleek brand featured in Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Marie Claire to name a few, is not just the cool girl’s line it appears to be. The brand encourages self-expression, individuality, and prides itself on straying from the typical norms of conventional beauty. The line is paraben-free, never tested on animals, and even has a line of vegan products too. Best of all? 10% of sales are donated to the We See Beauty Foundation to support women-owned business across the Americas. GIRL POWER!

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You’ve probably seen this brand on social media and became intrigued just like myself (those flashy nails are hard to miss!) Founder Sunja Mitchell, an avid nail art fashionista was tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars and killing tons of time at salons to keep her love for custom nail art designs alive. She moved on to press-on nails only to find while they were great, there was no designs that matched the beautiful art she used to get at the salons. So she made it her mission to create the most fashionable, yet affordable designer press-on nails on the market. Apart from this mission, she also began the Claws for A Cause initiative in which a portion of sales go towards Petsmart Charities, a foundation that donates over 98% of its donations to animal welfare efforts. Being a voice for voiceless animals? Now that’s a noble cause all of us should get behind.

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