3 Must-Have Apps to Help You Survive & Thrive This Summer

As we delve deeper into summer and the weather gets warmer, wanting to look and feel our best is pretty much a given. Travel plans with the girl squad are on the horizon and the perfect selfie will mean everything. But working out, eating right, and looking picture-perfect at all times is definitely not a given. Luckily, I’ve got you covered with 3 totally free apps you can download right this second that will 1) digitally beat your face (no makeup skills required!) 2) get you in the gym more often so you can score that summer body 3) keep your phone and all its precious contents perfectly safe all summer long.


Used by various celebrities including the Kardashians and Jenners, this app, as the name suggests will make sure you look perfect all 365 days of the year. With more than 80 million users worldwide, Perfect365 has become the leading free digital makeup platform for beauty lovers and selfie enthusiasts alike. Using the latest cutting edge technology, the app utilizes Face Detection software to apply digital makeup to all your favorite selfies with the utmost accuracy. Along with this, Perfect365 features the Explorer Community filled with influential makeup artists designing looks (updated daily!) with recommended products for you to try on with the Live Mirror feature where you can virtually try on hundreds of products with a simple tap and even purchase them straight from the app, saving you so much time and effort. Best of all, you can learn to recreate all your newfound looks with the app’s built-in step-by-step tutorials and YouTube videos.

Download it here!


Get motivated to stay fit all summer long with the first of its kind social fitness app, FitMatch. Created by Ngo Okafor, former boxer and celebrity trainer (who has worked with the likes of Chanel Iman, JLo, and Naomi Campbell to name a few) the free app is intended to enhance the social aspect of working out, making it a more enjoyable activity. Using geolocation technology, the app makes it fun and easy to connect with like-minded fitness lovers in your area. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer and are looking for a partner to keep up with you, or you’re like me and could really use a gym buddy to stay motivated as you begin your fitness journey, this app is for anyone looking to get and stay in shape. In fact, studies show that when you’re exercising with a partner, you workout 200% longer than when you are alone. And for any of us who have worked out with a friend, we know this to be true. Also, for each fitness activity listed on the app, you’re able to select your individual skill level from beginner, average, or expert, as well as customize your workout time preference, whether morning, mid-day, after work, or nighttime. The app also allows you to locate gyms, fitness classes, studios, and outdoor training spots in your area or anywhere you’re travelling to this summer, perfect for those looking to get moving while on vacation.

FitMatch is currently available in New York, but is quickly expanding across the U.S. and worldwide.

Download it here!

Security Master

Protect your phone this summer whether you’re out and out or traveling afar with the new free app, Security Master. An upgraded version of CM Security, the current leading privacy protection and anti-virus app, Security Master makes it super easy to shop safely on your phone, protect all your photos and personal data, while also maximizing your phone’s performance. The SafeConnect feature enhances your phone’s internet security by protecting and encrypting all data transmitted across the web, as well as apps like instant message, financial banking, and e-commerce. The app also contains an AppLock feature, protecting your apps, mobile data, settings, incoming calls, and photos while also allowing you to lock your phone and apps with a pattern, PIN code, or fingerprint. Thought that was good? It gets even better. Security Master takes it one step further by including an Intruder-Selfie feature which will take a selfie automatically any time someone enters the wrong pattern of fingerprint into the AppLock screen multiple times.

Security Master is currently available for Android devices, but will soon be expanding.

Download it here!

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